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Restorative Massage

This massage uses warm oil with touches of hot stones and warm towels to deepen relaxation and reduce muscle tension. The therapist integrates a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Techniques, customizing each massage to your individual needs. Ranging from light to firm it can be both relaxing and energizing.

Relax your mind, restore your body, revive your spirit

30 minute.....$45     60 minute.....$70     90 minute.....$100     120 minute.....$130

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this massage focuses on corrective bodywork. your therapist will guide you through active and passive movements combined with deep tissue therapy. this technique strengthens the mind-body connection, re-educates your muscles to work more efficiently, increases range of motion and improves flexibility.

restore your balance

30 minute…..$45 45 minute…..$55 60 minute…..$70 75 minute…..$85 90 minute…..$100 120 minute…..$130


Hot stone

Enhance your traditional massage experience with a luxurious Hot Stone Treatment. During your massage the therapist uses hot stones to create sensations of comfort and warmth. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles to help calm, sooth and relax your areas of greatest tension.

Let your stress and tension melt away

     60 minute.....$80     90 minute.....$110    



This technique combines massage with the art of aromatherapy. The therapist applies nine essential oils along your spine, adds heat, and completes your experience with a full body massage.

find your balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

60 minute.....$80


Aromatherapy lymphatic

A gentle and soothing massage that stimulates the lymph system through long, rhythmic strokes with the healing touches of aromatherapy.

Calm your mind and detoxify your body

60 minute.....$80


Prenatal Massage

A massage designed to alleviate those aches and pains most commonly associated with pregnancy.

The perfect pampering for an expectant mother!

30 minute.....$45 45 minute…..$55     60 minute.....$70 75 minute…..$85     90 minute.....$100     120 minute.....$130


~The Pampered Phoenix~

A Relaxation Package

Your 2 hours of blissful relaxation begins with Tea and Chocolate while your feet sooth in a warm Himalayan Salt Foot Soak. Your choice of Essential Oils are incorporated throughout your 90 minute Full Body Relaxation Massage with Hot Stones for your lower arms and legs, and Warm Towels for your hands, feet, back and neck. A Mini Face Treatment is the finishing touch that will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

120 minute.....$145



Mini Face Treatment

This treatment includes a gentle cleanser, a hydrating masque, and a moisturizing face massage, complimented with warm towels and a hand massage.

A rejuvenating experience for your face that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed!

30 minutes.....$30




Gentle suction cups are used to release adhesions in the fascia, increase blood flow and improve range of motion. Cupping can be incorporated into any Restorative Massage.





Generally the most relaxing of all the massage techniques. In this massage the therapist uses a variety of pressures and strokes to gently manipulate the soft tissues of the body.

Experience the complete relaxation of mind, body and spirit



Deep Tissue

This technique uses slow, firm strokes to work into the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is designed to reduce chronic pain and muscle tension, while increasing range of motion and flexibility.

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neuromuscular therapy

This technique focuses on strengthening the mind - body connection through the use of active movement while pressure is applied to a specific area. It is great for individuals with chronic pain and muscular deviations. This treatment can improve range of motion and flexibility, restore proper body mechanics and significantly reduce muscular tension.